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The Invisible Booth Experience

Doctor wears polarized glasses to reveal the unseen looping videos playing on invisible, white monitors. Each video tells a story of a cancer patient whose doctor truly saw them for the first time. 

Oncology agent LONSURF needed a booth experience that would remind prospective prescribers that even though their work often goes unseen, we recognize their remarkable efforts every day. 

So we partnered with technology innovators Axios NYC made the first "invisible booth" of its kind.

Co-developed the booth concept and wrote all copy for... 

  • Booth elements (onscreen panels and booth signs)

  • Patient videos shown at the booth

  • All drivers  (pre, post, during convention) 


  • Website traffic increased 400% during the convention period 

  • Seasoned event-goers said it was the most memorable booth they'd seen in 25 years 

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